Ana sayfa Basın Bültenleri We are starting the legal process to use our democratic right!

We are starting the legal process to use our democratic right!

As the Green Party, we file a lawsuit to claim our fundamental right to do politics, organize and complete the founding process of our party.

Six months have passed since the Green Party submitted its legal documents to found a political party. However, in this process the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not issue a proof of receipt and interrupts our party from gaining legal entity.

Establishing a political party is a constitutional right and is not subject to permission  in Turkey. In order to use this right and amplify the Green thought in the political arena, we submitted the documents requested in the Article 8 of the Political Parties Law to the Ministry of Interior on September 21.

The request of the founding members of our party and their lawyers to meet with the authorities whether by phone or by going to the ministry building and the official correspondence including the application we made through CİMER remained unanswered. The bureaucratic mechanisms we operated to find a solution to this situation, which goes beyond the usual delay that pandemic conditions can create, have been exhausted. At this stage, we are starting to defend our right to establish a political party through legal means, and as of March 22, we are starting the legal process.

We support a democracy in which constitutional rights can not be denied or limited  for any reason. Our experience over the past six months has shown the justification of this search. We set our journey off with the call “Our house is on fire” as a reference to the climate crisis, we believe that we owe to everyone who shared our excitement to do politics with us, and to nature  whose rights we defend, from animals to air, from water to soil. 

We are advocating for Green Politics because we believe in a world where people live in harmony with nature, freely and equally. Our party represents the future and life. The ecological, social, economic and political crises that took place only in the last six months showed us how important it is to not waste any more time. In order to overcome this invisible obstacle to our right of representation and organize throughout the country, we appeal to justice.

The Green Party is built upon pluralism, values diversity, based on non-violence, believes in peaceful life and aims direct democracy. We will continue our legal and political struggle.